• Modern Dubai Tram

    Modern Dubai Tram

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  • ITER Nuclear Fusion

    ITER Nuclear Fusion

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  • Crossrail


    Engineering Safety Management ensures optimal design integration Read More
  • Transport for London

    Transport for London

    Signaling Modernization and Train Depot Movements Read More
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From feasibility study to options analysis, analysis and traceability of customer and system requirements to design verification, we ensure an optimal and safe design.

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We are a pioneer in identifying the business case for improving reliability, availability and safety of engineering assets.

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Click on the Projects section to taste a sample of success stories we have delivered to various clients in transportation (rail, metro, tram) and energy (nuclear, oil and gas, renewables) market sectors world-wide.

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About rcm2 joint venture

rcm2 limited (UK), established in 1998, is an international  professional services company. It has provided expertise in the areas of Systems Engineering, Requirements Management, Engineering Data Analysis, Safety and Reliability Management, System Integration solutions and novel product development. rcm2 is a leading provider of whole lifecycle safety, performance and RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) management delivering over £15m worth of projects to clients on multi-billion pound projects.  We have additionally carried out Independent Safety and Software Assessment of several safety-critical applications.

The rcm2 joint venture (rcm2jv) is a broad association of systems engineering, RAMS and requirements management consultants. We have an excellent track record of solutions to various safety-critical industries from transportation (Rail, Automotive, Aerospace) to energy (Nuclear Fusion, Renewables), for requirements Validation and Verification (V&V) and design of products, systems and software to implementation, integration, test and commissioning to delivery and certification.

Since 2017/2018, rcm2 has embarked on a number of research and development projects related to distributed condition monitoring of critical assets in safety-critical sectors.  For more information , visit cranescan website.

  • Innovation


    We believe in doing things better, faster and more cost-effectively. We carry out a critical assessment of how things are done and ask why? Can we not do it any other way that would achieve better business outcomes?
  • Excellence


    Excellence starts with understanding and meeting customer and end-user requirements and expectations. It requires excellent communication skills as well as specialist technical know-how. Delivery of intuitive methods, tools and solutions is what we are all about.
  • Background


    Each rcm2 associate has over 25 years of track record with blue-chip companies. This ensures a professional approach and tried and tested solutions to meet our client's needs.
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