Ali Salimi
Principal Safety & Reliability Associate Consultant
Manchester University/UMIST/Imperial College of London
BSc/MSc/PhD /Post-Doc, Nuclear/Mechanical/Energy/CFD Engineering
Profile Summary

 Dr Ali Salimi is a highly qualified consultant engineer with over 26 years of work experience developing, managing, and delivering safety case projects and programs, supporting regulatory licensing and certification requirements. He has worked in many roles as systems dynamic modelling & simulation engineer, systems safety and reliability (RAMS) assurance engineer, project engineer and manager within highly regulated, safety and mission critical sectors such as nuclear and non-nuclear energy, power and process, aerospace, onshore and offshore oil & gas production development projects.


Relevant Clients / Projects

 Apsys Oil & Gas, INTECSEA, Worley Parson Group, Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants, Honeywell, AgustaWestland & HAV LTD, ABB/BE/BNFL/BP/Markoni/IAEA,