Georgian Marcoi
Licensed Signalling Engineer,
Principal Consultant
BSc (Hons) Electrical
1.1.150D&1.1.160 IRSE
Profile Summary

Georgian is a certified signalling engineer with over 18 years of experience in Signalling Design in UK and overseas. He has worked as a signalling designer in many areas including Interlocking System CR2 and CR3 as well as renewing track circuits for various stations. He has contributed to the realisation of Bounding Plan Guide Book. His strong background in software coding enable him to design and implement a complex software for cost estimation for electrical and mechanical subcomponents. In signalling applications delivery, he has developed and validated engineering solutions in response to the specifications as a senior signalling engineer at SKM Birmingham. The design of relay interlocking was one of the projects he did for SKM. His recent contribution in 4 Line Modernisation at TfL for Depot Injection Rate was known as outstanding that resulted in increasing the safety of the signalling operation at a very low cost while achieving the required train throughput.


Relevant Clients / Projects

Thales Rail Signalling solutions, Transport for London, Padeco Romania, Ansaldo, SKM Birmingham