DOORS SaaS Solution

As an IBM Business partner, we have developed a web-based Robust Compliance Management (RCM) database as a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) solution, integrating Citrix, IBM and Microsoft technologies. The rcm2 SaaS is a unique, networked, DOORS® based software environment.  It allows robust management of requirements compliance. It also includes a 'hazard log tool' and safety justification software.  It is the only safety requirements management tool built to provide the feature of multi-user, multi-access, object-oriented and graphical presentation capabilities together in an integrated environment. rcm2 SaaS/ISCaDE™ Pro provides the fully customized safety development environment to define and utilize various safety standards (EN50126/128/129). Besides this the multi-module hazard log adds to ease of the user to manage variety of technical risks regarding safety and reliability and accident recovery. 

Figure 2 : ISCaDE-Pro Overview (Now an rcm2 SaaS solution) 

rcm2’s IBM certified software solutions and products ( have been used by the largest UK MOD Defence project, namely Aircraft Carrier Alliance, through Thales Naval, Bristol, UK. 

For RAM analysis, we may use various graphics modules of ITEM or Isograph Software (Reliability Prediction using MIL-HBL-217, RBD, FMECA, FTA) and specialised excel spread-sheets for analysis.