Upgrading of approximately 76 kilometres of commuter rail from Halkalı to Gebze.

  • System assurance (RAM and Safety) management for automatic fare collection (AFC) Gates and Ticketing systems
  • Cost : $4.5bn
  • Independent Software Assessment



The Marmaray Project is the upgrading of approximately 76 kilometers of commuter rail from Halkalı to Gebze. The red alignment on the map shows the parts of the railway that are above ground and the white alignment show the new railway system that will be constructed in tunnels under the Istanbul Strait.

The Project provides an upgrading of the commuter rail system in Istanbul, connecting Halkalı on the European side with Gebze on the Asian side with an uninterrupted, modern, high-capacity commuter rail system.


RCM2 Capability

We offer competitive services due to our understanding of the client needs.  The rcm2 team members that will be dedicated to this proposal each have an average of 25 years in the Systems Assurance (Safety/RAM) Engineering and Management.

We are an IBM Business Partner under ‘Application Specific Licensing’ (ASL) for Rational Suite of Products that include DOORS, because of our flagship ISCaDE product that extends the DOORS capability into managing hazards and safety risks in line with Safety Goals and Requirements. 

Overall, rcm2 uniquely offers:

  • Compliance to Client needs based on solid track record in similar organisations and industries;
  • Track record of working on international projects (Europe and Asia).
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to the client’s needs due to being a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) dedicated to provision of specialist solutions with low overhead costs.

The main benefits for the client would be a high-value low-risk long-term partnership with a highly skilled and available technical team.