TETRA Secure Radio from Motorola Solutions Inc. is used in many Public Safety and Industrial (Oil&Gas, Rail) applications world-wide.

TETRA Radio Dimetra IP core software by Motorola Solutions (inspected by rcm2 as independent safety assessor) was used in London Olympics 2012 and Para-Olympics.

Motorola Solutions, Inc. is an American data communications and telecommunications equipment provider that succeeded Motorola Inc., following the spinoff of the mobile phones division into Motorola Mobility in 2011. High performance, secure and integrated wireless communications that are essential to the effectiveness of professional mobile communications.  Motorola’s Dimetra IP TETRA switches are the power behind our industry leading TETRA solutions.

Dimetra IP equipment, integrated with customer specific applications, combined with professionally managed services provide the high performance, dependable, secure and integrated wireless communications solutions that are essential to the effectiveness of professional mobile communications.

TETRA Radio Dimetra IP is used for many safety-related applications such as:

- Public safety and security: Police, Emergency Services (Fire and Ambulance Services)

- Industrial applications (Train dispatcher system; Oil & Gas fields secure communications)




rcm2 Contribution - Product Certification

TETRA Radio Dimetra IP core software by Motorola Solutions (certified by rcm2) was used in London Olympics 2012 and Para-Olympics.

 The rcm2 principal consultants have certified various communication-based train control and supervisory systems in China, Singapore and Europe.